Big Little

Sigma Kappa is a home away from home, and provides our new members the opportunity to learn and grow from older girls. After weeks of getting to know the new members and taking girls on heart sister dates, top picks from new members and older members are submitted. The most nerve wracking yet exciting part is waiting for the list to be posted and find out who your little (or littles, some people take twins) is! Starting Monday night, baskets are left at the Sigma Kappa House for new members to come and pick up. Baskets have all different themes: beauty and spa, movie night, warm & cozy, beach themed, etc! Some families have traditions such as a decorated pin box, a canvas with a family tree, or a piggy bank. Painted canvases and Sigma Kappa block letters are very popular to find in these baskets along with Sigma Kappa shirts, banners, and so much food and candy.

Big Little week is full of surprise and creativity. Some littles are serenaded, or receive special deliveries of food and treats to their dorm rooms! Bigs decorate their little’s entire dorm or outside their door, some even buy their little a fish! Littles get four baskets before they receive their reveal shirt on Friday. Reveal shirts are typically ironed on letters and are unique to every family. Jackets, sweaters, even bathrobes are worn over the bigs shirts to hide the reveal shirt. Four Bigs line up at a time in front of all of the littles, and turn around to reveal their shirt. Little’s that have the matching shirt run to their new family, sometimes even tackling their big to the ground! After reveal, they receive their fifth and final basket and then depending on the family and their traditions go out to eat, or go to a G-bigs house for a nice dinner and a movie night. Sigma Kappa is known for going all out on big little and having genuine relationships between big little pairings. Joining a sorority can be overwhelming, and bigs provide new members with a guide to all things Sigma Kappa, and so much more. Big’s are like having an actual big sister, although they are often referred to as “moms.” The only thing more exciting than getting a big, is taking a little and passing down all of the advice that you were given to the next member of the family.