Letter from the Chapter


A Message From Our Chapter President

Welcome to our chapter!

Here at the University of Rhode Island, the Sigma Kappa Phi chapter is the oldest sorority on campus (coming up on 100 years this March!!). With this being said, we hold very tight to our values and traditions.

Our chapter is particularly passionate about Sigma Kappa’s five philanthropies (Sigma Kappa Foundation, Inherit the Earth, Gerontology, Maine Seacoast Mission, and the Alzheimer's Association). We hold a large “Cards for a Cause” Ultraviolet event each spring that is well known around campus and we spend a great deal of time volunteering at the local senior center.

In regards to our chapter members, we often find women who are passionate about  involvement in leadership on and around campus. We currently hold two positions on the University’s Panhellenic Council, have multiple sisters who work as tour guides and orientation leaders on campus, have members on a few athletic teams and also sisters who hold executive council positions in other campus organizations.

Overall, Phi chapter is consistent of a well rounded group of passionate and motivated women living by the values of Sigma Kappa on the daily.      

 Danielle Youngren


Registration for Formal Fall Recruitment is open for this year, for more information go to https://web.uri.edu/greek/sororities/