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Dear Potential New Members,

In all honesty, recruitment can be one of the most stressful times in your college career. Through deciding which houses to drop, to the stress of receiving your lists back after a round. But, with this being said, recruitment and getting a bid is also one of the best times in your college career.


At URI, most college women participate in primary (or formal) recruitment in September before the stress of class really starts. Each PNM is assigned into a group with their own recruitment counselor (RC), who briefly “leaves” her chapter to help Panhellenic Council with recruitment. A head RC is in charge of a few RCs and their groups. You can speak as openly as you want to your RC—she will be your source of venting and advice during this time. However, please do refrain from talking about other sororities in general with your group. One girl may be in love with Sorority A, but you and your friend aren’t feeling so hot about it so you voice this. This girl may feel insecure and unsure about Sorority A, and as a result, not have the full recruitment experience.


Once you meet your RC and RC group, you’ll probably make a GroupMe group (like all those ones you made over the summer at freshman orientation). In this group, your RC will tell you the meeting times, the break times, when lists will be released after rounds, and general talk about recruitment. You’re going to beg and beg and beg your RC to tell you what sorority she’s in, but let me tell you, their lips are sealed. They won’t spill one thing. You’ll also receive a Recruitment Packet with facts about all the sororities, as well as dues as a new member and an active member. If you have any questions about anything in the packet, feel free to ask them to your RC or the recruiter at that chapter. Recruiters are very informed on their own chapter and RCs can always ask women in that chapter!


Soon after meeting the group and Recruitment Orientation, Round One will begin! During this round, you will get house tours of all the houses; fun fact: all chapters at URI have houses! At this time, you will give your recruiter your resume. Your resume just helps the chapters keep track of all the thousand women going through recruitment. Please remember not to judge the chapter based on the house they have. Houses can always be remodeled or changed, but your future sisters are for life. Round One takes two days, which can be long, so going to Albie’s for nachos or getting calzones with your roommates after day one might be a good plan (I really recommend it).


After the two days of round one comes Round Two: Philanthropy Round. You’ll learn about the philanthropy(ies) of the chapters you get asked back to. This was my absolute favorite round. There was food, great conversation, and each chapter creates a craft. During this round, there may be some personal testimonials by sisters affected by the philanthropy. If you cry, don’t worry! Your recruiter will get a tissue or napkin and won’t judge at all—one of my friends cried as a recruiter during our philanthropy round. Take this round to really think if you could see yourself supporting this philanthropy(ies) for your college career. Ask the sisters what they do for the philanthropy(ies) in terms of fundraising events or volunteer work. Round Two is all in one day, so it might seem a little long but it is very doable and fun!


After a little break for school after Round Two, Round Three (Sisterhood) comes. During this round, you’re shown the recruitment video and really talk to the sisters about their sisterhood. The sisters will explain certain parts of the recruitment video and even whisper funny stories behind the footage during the video. It’s overall a great time. Don’t be shy to laugh when something comical happens; we all laugh too. Ask the sisters about their sisterhood: their big little relationships, sisterhood retreats, the general interactions between sisters. Round Three is also two days, but they aren’t quite as long feeling as Round One!


After Sisterhood Round, Preference Round happens. You’ll most likely get asked back to one or two houses. In this round, each chapter will perform a ritual aspect and go even deeper into their sisterhood. Once Preference Round is finished, you will rank your houses (if you have two) to your RC. It took me almost an hour to make my decision when I was going through recruitment. But all in all, I am extremely happy with my decision. I truly found my home. I thought of where I would see myself for the next four years, which girls would help me through break ups, which girls would be with me through thick and thin, and I truly did find my home here at Sigma Kappa.


Most Potential New Members find their forever homes as well. Recruitment is a very stressful time, but it is so much fun. I thrive during recruitment just by being myself with my friends. Each one of you will too. Just be yourself and don’t listen to any of the rumors that may be brought up during recruitment. Rumors are rumors, they’re always the truth stretched way beyond proportion and almost always completely fake. Listen to what’s in your heart when making your lists at the end of each round so you can find your forever home, wherever it may be.


Best of luck,

Natalie Rickard

Vice President of Membership

Sigma Kappa Phi Chapter