Recruitment FAQ

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Recruitment FAQs:

What is Primary Recruitment?

Primary recruitment is the process in which women interested in potentially joining a sorority sign up for through the Panhellenic Council.

It is during the fall semester at URI.

It is also known as formal recruitment at URI.

How Does Recruitment Work?

Primary recruitment is a four round process (each round may range from one to two days) in which PNMs learn about each chapter on campus. Round One is house tours. Round Two is Philanthropy. Round Three is Sisterhood. Round Four is Preference.

Through the process of mutual selection, you will find the sisterhood best fit for you.

What Can I Expect?

Ask your RC or view your Recruitment booklet

What Do I Wear?

Ask your RC or view your Recruitment booklet

Can I Still Join a Sorority Without Going Through Primary Recruitment?

Yes, some sororities participate in informal recruitment in the spring.

What Is A Legacy?

A woman whose sister, mother, grandmother, or aunt is or was a member of Sigma Kappa. Being a legacy does not guarantee membership to a sorority.

What Should I Talk About During Recruitment?

Be yourself and let the sisters you meet know your true colors!

Talk about your interests, accomplishments, and goals/future plans so the women you talk with can get a better understanding of who you are and what you may bring to the sisterhood.

Can An Upperclassmen Go Through Recruitment?


Where Can I Sign Up for Primary Recruitment?

URI Panhellenic Council will announce the registration date on their website as well as their Instagram, so be sure to follow @uripanhellenic