Sisterhood Retreats

Apple Picking Sisterhood Retreat

This semester a sisterhood retreat that we completed was Apple Picking. This event was especially fun because it took place the day after our big little reveal. This created a fun bonding experience for each family. We were able to get off campus and explore a new part of Rhode Island, where the apple orchard was. The orchard contained apples, pumpkins, flowers and some homemade baked goods in the local store. This was such a fun fall activity to participate in and everyone seemed to really enjoy it. It was something very different to what we have normally done and it allowed everyone to mingle and take pictures and let off some steam after a stressful week of midterms. I think with the event so closely following our big little reveal, our newest members felt very included and were able to participate in an activity that allowed them to bond with their families and mingle with everyone in the chapter.